“It’s the people at A2X and their approach, that is very very important” Rebekka Eldroy, HR Director, Rolls-Royce

A2X is a niche and a unique organisation. We draw together high-performance individuals and teams from extraordinary backgrounds within successful execution and delivery.  This experience will have been gained from within some of the world’s best organisations including professional sport, military and corporate careers.

We have a proven track record of leading and shaping mission critical programmes and complex business transformations with sustainable operating models for profitable growth, nationally and internationally from £100k to £1b.

We work with each client to take current strategies and translate them into effective and efficient business roadmaps and plans by using our expertise in change management and transformation.

The breadth of our experience across different industry sectors enables us not only to recommend proven paths to successful execution, but also to improvise and carve out new ones – an essential quality to have on your side when you are facing new terrains.

A2X can lead assignments ranging from the development and delivery of new business ventures and roll-outs and the creation of new supply and value chains, through to the creation of complete business platforms supporting new continental market territories.  This would encompass help with outsourcing, consultancy, fulfilment, process re-engineering, business turnaround and sales management.

“What do A2X leave when they complete an assignment? They leave knowledge, plans, a future programme and the where with all within that team to deliver” Lawrie Haynes, President, Land & Sea Rolls-Royce