“It’s the people at A2X and their approach, that is very very important” Rebekka Eldroy, HR Director, Rolls-Royce

Discovery and Sports Discovery

A2X is a leader in supporting self-awareness, emotional intelligence, axiology & people performance measurement.

Great performance, resilience and leadership starts with true self-awareness. This is one of the rarest of human commodities and one that we will help you achieve. Self-awareness lies at the heart of both individual and team performance. We adopt powerful and unique discovery and talent management systems that identify self-awareness. Success isn’t just about having high emotional intelligence; it is your level of awareness and how you apply it, that makes a difference.

“Building and sustaining high performance is probably the single most important thing we can do as leaders” Jason Smith, COO, Inmarsat

“Self-awareness made me who I am. It’s a journey of self-discovery”

The Discovery process doesn’t label anyone, it is about illuminating self-awareness that enables you to understand what you do well and how and when to adapt your interaction with people and colleagues. The accuracy of the Discovery Emotional Intelligence (EQ) questionnaire produces 6.4 quad trillion permutations as to how the questionnaire can be answered. This produces 1 in 56 million patterns relating to the 6 dimensions of thought. Ultimately, this process looks at how you think and make decisions. What does this mean? This highlights our unique approach and we make the results simple to understand. We will work with you and your team to get the most out of your personal results and apply them when required, both at a fast pace and under pressure.

“The New Zealand All Blacks maintained their incredibly high level of performance with good people in the right positions, producing good skills under pressure” Doug Howlett, New Zealand All Blacks

We take the word ‘performance’ for granted don’t we ….it is used to describe so many areas of our lives. But, to truly understand your personal performance you need to open yourself up to learning. Ultimate performance should be about passion and passion is discovered by having the ability to understand your unique values, to take what you’ve done in your past and use it to make yourself even better for your future both personally and professionally.

When we know our true values, we know why we chose to do what we do. Similarly, if we also have knowledge of the values of those around us, we can understand people differently and therefore enter a state of acceptance and inclusion.

Learning what triggers your values to become emotions which therefore drive your performance, is about taking a journey of discovery; trying new things and not just talking about changing but really taking action on your goals.

Performance Services

We will provide you with Discovery Questionnaire and software solutions that enable you to measure your improvements and make them relevant by raising two main factors; Accountability & Commitment. We help you identify and define not only the reason for Performance improvement but also the path which you will take to achieve it. We will use a blend of our exceptional applications and methodologies to create and embed the right environment and the cultural aspects which allow this to happen.

A2X will help you begin the journey which will challenge you to feel and listen to the sound of your true potential and therefore your personal performance.

We supply a blended offering of consultancy and software propositions to help our clients and their teams with their journey of self-discovery. In turn, this removes the barriers that may inhibit their performance and talent. If you don’t know where you and your talent is going it can result in a loss in productivity, efficiency, retention, profitability and growth.

Executive, Senior Management & Sports Athlete Development

We achieve higher levels of Self Awareness & Authenticity in each and every individual. We develop Self Awareness lies at the heart of individual performance and we adopt a very powerful and unique process to identify levels of this critical factor in your athletes, executives and managers”The more in-depth a person knows their own strengths and the more tue they are in applying them, the greater their performance will be!”

Performance Coaching

We are exceptional coaches who will enable you to become better, more proficient and more confident in performing tasks or interacting with others. We will nurture your executives and all employees and allow them to test their own boundaries by truly understanding who they are and their unique talents.

‘Successful coaching leads to successful performance’…..it’s people that make teams and organisations great – we help you evolve great people!

Explore our performance application portfolio to discover how we will illuminate you to being able to Out Perform Yourself.