“Strategy execution is vital because of the fast-changing environment in which all businesses operate today” Leo McKee, CEO, Brighthouse

Unleashing exceptional performance is at the heart of A2X

Successful strategy execution is about making critical decisions and judgments effectively and consistently following through on them. It is vital to be outcomes focussed by ensuring the right players with the right skills are in the right roles.

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“A2X’s main strengths are taking capability, experience and knowledge and applying it very practically with real injection of pace and energy” Jason Smith, COO, Inmarsat

At A2X we strongly believe that by unleashing exceptional performance within leaders, teams and individuals your strategy execution becomes your core capability. This achieves precision delivery with added pace and energy enabling your organisation to have a clear competitive advantage. We will work with you to provide the vision and tactics necessary to enable a highly successful outcome.

With A2X you are supported with years of experience of working with some of the world’s leading organisations. We invest considerable time getting to know our clients by building trust and relationships in order to understand the DNA of your organisation. A2X can mobilise rapidly – not just any team or individual, but exactly the right people whose knowledge and expertise always exceed the challenge set. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand you, your people, your business, your drivers and key priorities. As a result, A2X will make a powerful difference to the success of your strategy execution.

We have a proven track record of leading and shaping mission critical programmes and complex business transformations with sustainable operating models for profitable growth, nationally and internationally from £100k to £1b.We work with each client to take current strategies and translate them into effective and efficient business roadmaps and plans by using our expertise in change management and transformation.


“Strategy execution is essential. It is where many organisations fail, they are very good at writing the strategy down on paper, but they are unsure how to implement and execute the strategy” Jeff Elliott, CEO, Bergen Engines, Norway

Programme delivery, Transformation & Recovery programmes can be complex in nature and often cause significant boardroom anxiety and uncertainty in the workforce. Every business transformation is unique. Advance preparation and alignment builds the climate for success.

They have to deliver rapid, incremental, measurable yet sustainable business transformation and change that delivers guaranteed business improvements.

Markets and competitors are driving change faster than ever before, programme delivery and transformation programmes have never been under greater pressure to deliver on time and to budget. Delivery programmes, transformation and/or change programmes all have to deliver rapid, incremental, measurable yet sustainable business change that delivers solid business improvements with individuals truly inspired to succeed.

“What do A2X leave when they complete an assignment? They leave knowledge, plans, a future programme and the where with all within that team to deliver” Lawrie Haynes, President, Rolls-Royce Land & Sea

Every programme and transformation is unique. Advance preparation and alignment builds the climate for success.

Transformation & Change
This focuses on the people aspects of the change with the aim of getting a critical mass of people committed to the intended company vision.

  • Communication & Engagement
  • Leadership Styles
  • Managing Stakeholders
  • Managing Resistance
  • Corporate Culture

Programme Delivery
Programme Delivery is about installation. It focuses on a plan built around events and timelines with the aim of getting from a current state (no implementation) to a future state (implementation achieved).

  • Resource Management
  • Project Planning and Reporting
  • Budget Management
  • Risk & Issue Management
  • Project Documentation

There are unique identifiers that will make a Programme Delivery or Transformation Programme inspirationally successful. Success breeds success and if the Programme Team are enlightened and inspired, so too will all those engaged. The most successful programmes are those that turn success into a habit, a cyclical weekly, monthly or quarterly routine, lead and driven by a few choice individuals that create a level of quality engagement, output and achievements for the rest to follow.

Action to Execute is our name, our vision AND it’s how we work.

A2X Services

Independent Programme Assurance Reviews
These are a vital aspect of performance and execution delivery to date and to completion. As part of a well-structured programme or in response to specific concerns and failures, we provide comprehensive assurance reviews. Working with your teams, providing an independent, robust, evidence based, experienced points of view reviews with practical recommendations.

Programme Set Up / Mobilising
Creating the right conditions for success to ensure business leaders have the confidence in the execution strategy. A clear shared vision, blueprint, compelling story, business ownership, accountability, target operating model, robust business case, a credible plan, change roadmap, clear governance, “plain English” communication plan to explain the facts, without spin – are just some of the essential requirements.

Interim Executive and Programme Resources
These are trusted “hands on” specialists in transformation and change – experienced management practitioners. We can provide key interim resources to take a lead or critical role to work alongside client staff.

Programme Recovery
Recovering programmes back in control and on plan needs people with real execution and recovery experience, people skills and insight. We are expert at turning around off-track programmes back on-track and preventing the high cost of failure.

Turnkey Programme Delivery
We bring experienced programme delivery, transformation and change leadership. Trusted ‘hands on’ delivery specialists, making the right things happen at pace and keeping a real focus on the business outcomes. We typically perform high-end roles on programme delivery and complex transformation programmes, working alongside and inside blended client teams and their third parties. We can either take set-up, lead or delivery of a programme or fill critical roles in the programme leadership team or work with you to direct and control execution.