Reasons why body fat is the best fuel for the busy executive

Forget about juices, smoothies, Greek yoghurt and granola the best fuel to optimise performance for the busy executive is FAT and your own body fat is better than butter and bacon.

What are the components for optimal performance at work

Focus, concentration, good decision making, energy and good mood

If you score high on all of the above you’ll be in a position to perform optimally.

Often we think that food gives us energy, it does of course, however that energy comes with an immediate cost. That cost is the process of digestion.

Digestion is one of the most energy consuming processes the body undergoes where blood is diverted to the stomach to carry the extra nutrients away and move them into the bloodstream.

Why after lunch is called the GRAVEYARD SHIFT

Most people are ‘dead’, their energy levels on the floor, stifling yawns and even going full on nodding dog after lunch and the reason is the foods that we typically eat at lunch.

Lunch meals are typically high in processed carbs: bread from a sandwich, pasta salad or jacket potato, add in any desserts and even fruits and your blood sugar levels are going to sky-rocket.

Consuming high carb foods at any time causes blood sugar to rise. The body is extremely sensitive to changes in blood sugar, we only have have 1-2 teaspoons of glucose (blood sugar) circulating in our blood at any one time. Anything more than 2 teaspoons needs to be disposed of and this is where insulin kicks in. We reduce blood sugar by producing insulin which converts the extra glucose and stores it as fat to be used at a later time.

From an energy point of view when we produce insulin, blood sugar levels fall rapidly and often overshoot an optimal range and can cause uss us to feel tired and sleepy and fall into a carb coma.

Stable and Sustained Energy Levels Through the Day

That’s the holy grail. No one wants to have peaks and troughs of energy during the working day, we crave consistency, every time we eat it disrupts the equilibrium.

One particular strategy that can be employed is to teach your body how to burn it’s own body fat for fuel. When we burn body fat we produce ketones as a fuel source.

There are 3 main ways that we can get ketones into our body: follow a strict ketogenic diet less than 20g of carbohydrates per day (1 apple or slice of toast) quite hard to do, fast for at least 36 hours, or use exogenous drinkable ketones.

Ketones have numerous advantages as a fuel source, they are preferred and easily used by the brain this can lead to a reduction in brain fog and increased mental awareness, better decision making and clarity. Ketones also have a powerful appetite suppressing effect because they cause the hunger hormone Ghrelin to be reduced. Ketones also burn more efficiently so often you will feel like the energiser bunny throughout the day.

What a typical day could look like

6-8 AM Wake Up/Exercise

Re-hydrate with water

6-8 AM Coffee or Herbal Tea (avoid milk and sugars) No Breakfast

8-10 am Drink Ketones

10-12 Tea or Coffee

12-2 PM Low carb lunch – optional ( salad with protein and healthy fats)

2-5 PM Tea/Coffee or extra ketone drink

6-8 PM Evening Meal

Transitioning to this lifestyle

Getting your body to be good at burning it’s own body fat can take a little while to transition too. This is where using the ketone drinks can prove beneficial during the transition. Once you have experienced the sustained energy and focus from being fuelled by ketones you will want to do it more.

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