Integrated Performance Applications

Nine execution performance applications. One integrated human operating system.

We offer a range of integrated software applications to help you continuously measure and manage execution performance across your talented teams. This means productivity isn’t lost when key people aren’t present. Now, execution performance can be set to ‘always on’.


The Human Operating System

OneSource® is a cloud-based, fully integrated, software solution that helps organisations assess the quality of their talent pool, aligned with the structure and robustness of their performance processes and then helps transfer skills and knowledge to those managing succession. It facilitates the integration of a number of key people development and management functions across the organisation:

  • iCoach

  • Talent Management & Recognition

  • OKRs (Objective Key Results)

  • Personal & Professional Development

  • High Potential Programme
  • 360° Programmes

  • Competency Development

  • Succession Planning

  • Resource Planning

There are ten areas that OneSource® manages and each one of these critical areas is integrated into one system, a single source that your whole team, HR, Senior Management, Learning & Development and Resource Planning, can utilise to generate real-time management information that is easily accessible from any PC or smart enabled device.

OneSource® allows you to make evidenced-based decisions right across the organisation and save money, time and resource by increasing the management of performance, productivity, growth and profit.

OneSource® captures the output from the Discovery Process® and uses it as the platform from which development paths are created and effective performance management is established on an organisation-wide basis. This approach is flexible, scalable and exceptionally cost effective, directly improving the performance of the organisation. Drive people and change with iCoach®, deploy cloud-based coaching and development and apply consistent performance diagnostics with iPulse®. Now your organisation has a completely integrated solution to manage and sustain extraordinary execution performance.


iPulse® is an integrated performance diagnostic tool that measures performance across critical areas of any organisation:

  • Team Effectiveness

  • Departmental Effectiveness

  • Organisational Health Check

  • Operational Effectiveness

  • Programme & Project Impact & Effectiveness

  • Leadership & Management Effectiveness

  • Stress Impact

To gain insight into a project or establish how part of a programme is running, you need to take the ‘pulse’ of that programme. In the past, this might have required consultancy and audits, normally taking in excess of 6 weeks to formulate, producing a report which is based mainly on a set of high level, recognised questions designed to yield insights that are often embellished to justify the expense of the report.

iPulse® uses specific question sets and engages directly with participants, using proven methods to convert responses so it can deliver the report within hours directly into the mailbox of the stakeholder who commissioned it, and for a fraction of the cost. By reducing the time and removing the opportunity for interpretation-bias, you will get a much clearer picture of performance without having to treat this as a one-off exercise.


iCoach® is an integrated software solution that delivers online coaching for both personal and professional needs across critical areas of any organisation. It’s often a fact that only the senior managers or key individuals in an organisation, are afforded professional coaching to help them cope with, or transition to, new roles. Sadly, the majority of the organisation often miss out on something that’s often recognised as essential.

iCoach® is designed to address this shortfall by offering a stand-alone developmental platform, or by integrating directly into existing services to pinpoint and align a coaching programme so that it can be delivered organisation-wide.

iCoach® is not restricted just to business and has a cloud-based version to allow SMEs and individuals access to the coaching and development service in a ‘take-as-you-need’ format.


We take a blended learning approach to all of our solutions and often start the change journey with our Pathfinder methodology, to establish the journey past, present and future. The process is extremely robust and produces a working document with actions, options and milestones.

To complement this, we have developed a series of development programmes, workshops and one-to-one engagements that are designed to facilitate change within the individual, the team or the entire organisation. All modular and bespoke.


If you prefer to own the entire process that’s fine too. We can provide certification and an accreditation programme that facilitate effective skills and knowledge transfer should you wish to adopt our solutions within your organisation on an ongoing basis.