Being Talent-Centric


Do you know your real talents? We all have them but can you describe yours clearly? Most people have a vague idea but when challenged to articulate them simply and instantly, they hesitate. A lifetime of experience and many of us still can’t really say what they are or why they give us an edge. Yet, this knowledge lies at the heart of what drives us, feeds us, energises us and, ultimately, motivates us to achieve higher performance.

We’ll show you how to master this quickly so you can be more talent-centric in everything you do.

“The shared vision, the skills the style and the calibre of the permanent, interim and contractors set A2X apart from other services”

Paul McCarthy, Sales & Corporate Development Director, Helecloud

“It’s the people at A2X and their approach, that is very very important”

Rebekka Eldroy, HR Director, Rolls-Royce

“Building and sustaining high performance is probably the single most important thing we can do as leaders”

Jason Smith, COO, Inmarsat

“The New Zealand All Blacks maintained their incredibly high level of performance with good people in the right positions, producing good skills under pressure”

Doug Howlett, New Zealand All Blacks


Following a simple Discovery Process that takes less than 15 minutes to complete, we can measure accurately where your strongest talents are and, importantly, why they lead your profile and dominate your scores. Often, this can be positively life affirming and a welcome boost for mental well-being.

The astonishing accuracy and depth of output will enable you to better understand where your true talents lie, so you can adapt your interactions with people and colleagues and boost your performance by confidently bringing your talent.


Perhaps the most rewarding part of our coaching is using the results of Talent Discovery to transform your performance. Now, you can learn to use memory, perception, action and process to bring your talents more consciously into your everyday actions and decisions.

Now, it’s easier to OUTPERFORM YOURSELF.

  • Talent Review & Analysis

  • Making Talent-Centric Decisions

  • Delivering Talent-Centric Performances

  • Always Being Talent-Centric



Our approach can be used to empower teams to perform better together, making the most of each other’s talents to produce more effective team strategies and results. Our coaches can quickly help you turn this success into a routine habit. We’ve seen it before, so we know how to motivate the right actions and behaviours that will drive your team to consistently outperform – in business or on the field.


Coaching, Mentoring & Advising

People often need different types of support to improve their ability to be talent-centric and learn to consistently execute at the peak of their ability. We will adapt our support to cover a range of roles, coaching teams, mentoring individuals and advising leaders. Our singular goal is always to make extraordinary execution performance your core capability.

“There is great value in having A2X as an independent trusted coach, whom to communicate, shape objectives and seek to deliver these.”

Leo McKee, Investor & Managing Partner 

People Analytics

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