Extraordinary execution performance and precise people analytics

As a leader, athlete, manager you’re constantly looking for ways to meet and exceed your accountable targets. You need a way to increase your team’s performance and productivity. One that’s immediate, direct, applied and balanced. One that takes more notice of EQ than IQ. No forced ranking systems or theoretical methods sprayed with psycho-babble. Just strong, independent, verifiable performance improvement that shows up in daily execution.

My Discovery Journey….

“l’m the professional and international rugby player, you’ve never heard of!”

I was all the way there in professional and international sport, I got my big break into the Scotland Rugby Union International squad. But then it went wrong. I couldn’t seem to get past players selected ahead of me for the big games. And, I allowed myself to accept that situation, I took these selections for granted, I created a lot of excuses in my head.

I was haunted for years with these searching, unanswered questions “If only I’d done this … or had that… or done…….something” However, I’ve done a lot of reflecting since and I realised a couple of the key factors in my journey. I wasn’t self-aware of my talent and I didn’t really know what I was good at, what set me apart.

I have now moved on, much stronger, more focused and more confident than many of those who sailed through unaware of their talent, because I’ve thought about it, focused on what I’m good at, had honest, hard conversations and ultimately knowing me. I discovered the power of my Talent, I apply my talent every day and never allow, what happened to me before, affect my performance now”



Do you know your real talents? Can you describe them clearly? Learn to use memory, perception, action and process to bring your talents more consciously into everyday. Now, it’s easier to OUTPERFORM YOURSELF.

Discovery Process

People Analytics

A scientific approach to advanced people analytics that gives you a more precise understanding of WHY we behave the way we do, not just the how. Start your self-discovery journey.



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