People Analytics

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Traditional psychometric profiles observe ‘how’ we behave and often categorise people with vague and mis-leading labels. Many elite teams are now using new evidenced-based cognitive approaches to give a truer predictor of performance.

Axiometrixs™ is a simple, precise and empowering way to get accurate EQ measurements that tell you ‘why’ you behave and perform the way you do. With it you can interrupt established performance patterns and routine thinking, developing EQ consciousness that enables you to reach beyond traditional limitations and be ready to outperform.

“It’s A2X’s approach with their excellent team that is very, very important”

Rebekka Eldroy, HR Director, Rolls-Royce

“building & sustaining high performance is the most important thing we can do as leaders A2X do this really effectively”

Jason Smith, COO, Inmarsat


Improving your EQ by only 1-3% can shift performance by 10-12%

Until recently, an accurate measure of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been Widley available. Yet we all know great performances need this. Understanding our emotional habits – what we behave the way we do – gives a far better guide to our performance. Self-awareness lies at the heart of this challenge. It is where extraordinary performance, resilience and leadership begins. Great teams know that success isn’t about a one-off EQ score, they need to keep monitoring and improving it, to sustain elite performance. 


Precise People Analytics

For managers, executives, elite performers and great teams

Axiometrixs™ gives you precise measures of how you think, act and execute that can be used to more confidently predict performance. Using valuemetric science (Axiology), it measures subconscious decision-making, motivators and behavioural triggers and can identify 56,000,000 thinking patterns, 70,000 motivations for engagement and 40,000 variations in observable behaviour. That’s over 6.4 quad trillion permutations that we simplify. By displaying your emotional habits using 77 EQ capability measures, it can provide scientific evidence to predict performance with benchmark accuracy of over 94.8%. That’s why we call it the industry’s most precise people analytics.

Building EQ consciousness through self-awareness and self-observation

Axiometrixs™ is about helping you measure and raise your EQ, transforming your capability to execute and consistently outperform. It is about making conscious choices, not programming the subconscious mind. It exposes hidden behaviours and routines by engaging with your EQ. With it, you can control your thinking and reactions and choose new ways to respond to any situation. This quickly builds the EQ consciousness habit – and the capability to control the moments when you need to be ready to perform.

Discovery Process®

Low effort input with astonishingly detailed output

Our Discovery Process doesn’t label anyone. It uses a simple questionnaire that takes 20 mins or less to complete. The astonishing accuracy and depth of output will enable you to better understand what you do well and why, so you can adapt your interactions with people and colleagues. Now you can study how you think and make decisions, with an incredibly detailed summary report written in plain English as if your personal coach was talking to you. With Axiometrixs™ we make the results simple to understand. No psycho-babble or impossible science. Just precise measures and analysis, which we will help you apply to improve your execution performance.

for Business, Sport, Education, Emergency & Armed Service, Arts, Music & Individuals

Self-Awareness, Self-Discovery, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Wellbeing, Happiness, Programme & Project Management, Risk Management, Team Dynamics, High Performance Athlete, Professional Golfer and configurable reports for client competences.

Coaching, Mentoring & Advising

People and organisations need different types of support to improve their ability to execute. We will adapt our support to cover a range of roles, coaching teams, mentoring individuals and advising leaders. Our singular goal is to make extraordinary execution performance your core capability.

“There is great value in having A2X as an independent trusted coach, whom to communicate, shape objectives and seek to deliver these.”

Leo McKee, Investor & Managing Partner

Performance Applications

We offer a range of integrated software applications to help you continuously measure and manage execution performance across your talented teams. This means productivity isn’t lost when key people aren’t present, so execution performance can be set to ‘always on’.

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